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First Video Conference of the ACAFP

January 25, 2019

February 8, 2019


Joseph Odumeru, Peter Kennedy, Charles Muyanja, Siobhan Egan, AyoJesutomi Abiodun-Solanke, Ajibola Oyedeji, Angela Parry-Hanson, Adeola Ayano, Ifeoluwa Olotu, Obadina Adewale, Elisabeth Mangai, Mrs Benedette Okonkwo, Adebola Oladunjoye, Mgbeoma Kuye, Yemisi Jeff-Agboola , Biodun Kupoluyi and Moustapha Oke.



Martin Ethy Ethy  

The first video conference of ACAFP started at 1:05 pm Eastern and adjourned at 2:30 pm.

On Monday July 22nd, the ACAFP had a very successful annual meeting at the IAFP Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. There were approximately 50 people in attendance including in-person and via Zoom (our video conferencing program). There was spirited discussion and overall a desire for the ACAFP to be more active and successful.

Below are some photos from the meeting!

ACAFP Annual Meeting 2019


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Action Items:

  • Attendees to send a short autobiography to Tomi for possible posting on the ACAFP website.

  • Form a sponsorship committee to identify and approach sponsors.

  • The target number of members for 2019 is 50 - 100.

  • Participants who are not members to consider registering with ACAFP and IAFP.

  • Each current member to set a goal of attracting 2 members per month.

  • Members are invited to think of what they can do for ACAFP and not what ACAFP can do for them. ACAFP is in its infancy and it will require a concerted effort of members to grow it.

  • Plan for a food safety conference in Africa in the near future with help from IAFP.

  • Whenever members have opportunity to attend and/or present at conferences, seminars, workshops locally, they are reminded to request a slot on the agenda to promote ACAFP. They can contact the Executive Committee for additional information if needed.

  • Members who hold positions at educational institutions are encouraged to invite their students and graduate students to join ACAFP. There are great professional development opportunities for them to discover.

  • Often we tend to ask what an organization will do for us instead of what we’ll do to help the organization. ACAFP is in its infancy and needs volunteers to contribute their expertise and time to move it forward. Let’s work together to grow this important African organization that promotes food safety in Africa.

  • Introduce food safety weeks in African countries to create publicity.

  • Continue sending ideas and suggestions for growth to the Administrator /Executives.

Dr. Joseph Odumeru - President

  • Dr. Joseph Odumeru, President of ACAFP welcomed members and asked them to introduce themselves. A total of 17 members/potential members from the United States of America, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda did so.

  • Dr. Odumeru then continued with the Vision and Mission of ACAFP, its achievements and future plans as well as the challenges. He encouraged potential member to consider joining ACAFP by registering through the website and pay their dues.

  • To those interested in the benefits of becoming a member of ACAFP, Dr. Odumeru recommended they visit ACAFP website Achievements and other useful educational information are also available on the website. 

Mr. Peter Kennedy – Vice-President

  • Mr. Peter Kennedy, VP ACAFP elaborated on the achievements and the challenges in getting more members registered. He invited member to volunteer their time and expertise to ACAFP. He suggested each member think of how they can contribute to the growth of ACAFP.

  • ACAFP is a not-for-profit organization and all members of the Executive Committee have volunteered and continue to volunteer countless hours to build and grow the organization. There is still work to do and we need more volunteers.

  • The floor was open to members and potential member participating in the video conference to brainstorm ideas that can stimulate the growth of ACAFP.


Dr. Ajibola Oyedeji

  • Because we are an IAFP affiliate he suggested we approach IAFP sponsors and ask them to extend their support to ACAFP.

  • He recommended we request help from IAFP.

  • He also advised faculties to encourage students to join ACAFP.

  • He suggested we make ourselves known to companies in Nigeria and seek collaboration with them.


Dr. Obadina Adewale

  • Promised to encourage his students and graduate students to register with ACAFP.

  • Recommended that other faculty members that are members of ACAFP do the same and if possible making it compulsory to students. ACAFP will definitely help them in building their careers.

  • Proposed we locally organize workshops and seminars tackling key food safety issues in educational institutions, scientific communities and companies.

  • Advised that potential members who attended the video conference commit to become ACAFP members.

  • Suggested ACAFP leverage IAFP sponsorship connection especially multi-national companies with Branches in Africa.

  • Recommended we clearly define how the Association wants to move and also to think of strategies to motivate students to register.

  • Advised we recruit ACAFP members from companies that sponsor ACAFP as well.

Dr. Ifeoluwa Olotu

  • Students need to know what benefit they will gain by becoming ACAFP members. Seminars and webinars are fine but also training and job opportunities in the field of food safety.


Elizabeth Mangai (PhD)

  • Suggested we establish collaboration with local manufacturing companies for sustainable collaboration where student can get hands-on experience and potential job opportunities.


AyoJesutomi Abiodun-Solanke (PhD)

Proposed we:

  • Set a goal for each member to recruit a minimum of 2 members per month.

  • Form a sponsorship committee, which will establish a list of companies they will approach and effectively do so.

  • Make the Association attractive to potential members.

  • Reach out to everyone who attended the video conference to register with ACAFP and IAFP.

  • Establish a performance measure to assess our progress.

Prof. Charles Muyanja

  • Talked to Ed Tharp, Executive Director of IAFP about holding a food safety conference in Africa. Will further the discussion regarding the feasibility of such event through sponsorship.

  • With regards to finding sponsorship Charles suggested we increase publicity of ACAFP among the private sector and government regulatory bodies. This goes together with recruitment of new members from such institutions.

  • As far as the benefits from the association are concerned, as per now they are basically professional. I believe that if we hold the African food safety conference people will further understand the benefits of our association and there after commitment can emanate from there.

  • It is about what you can do for ACAFP, but not what ACAFP can do for you.

  • Our membership target this year is 1000 members.

  • On publicity, we need a concerted effort from all of us. Many of us we attend meetings locally in our countries. We can ask for a slot in the program to talk about the association. We need to use the website for publicity.

  • In Universities, graduate seminar workshops can be a good avenue. We can introduce food safety weeks with our countries to create publicity.

  • We need to report what steps we have taken to publicize the association. What we have done in practice.

Peter Kennedy

  • Re-iterated what matters is what you can give to ACAFP.

  • He invited potential member to come with spirit and join the organization so that we can build it together.


Dr. Joseph Odumeru

  • The educational component of the website provide benefits for potential members especially students. ( Also there are volunteer positions available to apply for that can boost your career in long-term.

  • He invited participants to continue to send in ideas and suggestions for improvement through the website and Executive Committee members.

  • He thanked participants and adjourned the meeting at 2:30 pm Eastern time.

Next video conference: April 26, 2019


Scribe by

Moustapha Oke, Ph.D.

ACAFP Secretary


If you are interested in seeing what the ACAFP is all about and want to join our great organization, click below:

ACAFP President New Year 2019 Message

Joseph Odumeru
January 23, 2019

I would like to wish all ACAFP members Happy New Year 2019. Indeed 2018 has been a very successful year for the African Continental Association for Food Protection (ACAFP) and we look forward to building on this success in 2019. Thanks to ICAFP officers for ther dedication and hard work in achieving the goals and objectives of the association. 


I would like to reflect on our achievements in 2018 as we plan our activities for the New Year 2019. 

In 2018 we:

  • registered ACAFP as non-profit organization with address in Washington DC in the States;

  • posted ACAFP website Food Safety Webinars authored by Dr. Keith Warriner, Professor at University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada;

  • had a conference call meeting every month of the year;

  • adjusted our PayPal account so all inbound or outbound revenue will go through PayPal thereby making it easier to perform membership payments and sponsorship contributions;

  • had a representation attend the IAFP affiliate meeting at the IAFP 2018 annual meeting in Salt Lake City in the USA;

  • had a well-attended ICAFP Annual General Meeting in Salt Lake City;

  • had new members signed up at the Annual Meeting;

  • posted (as always) our minutes of our Annual Affiliate Meeting in IAFP Affiliate News;

  • joined IAFP to promote Mentor / Mentee Program with all Affiliates focused on Young Food Safety Professionals;

  • posted new Affiliate (volunteer) Job Posting to drive Affiliate participation;

  • accepted a new member to the Executive Committee as a Director of Communications (Dr. AyoJesutomi Abiodum-Solanke);

  • continued to seeking Corporate Sponsors;

  • found at last a reliable low cost international video conference calling service, “ZOOM” and have been using it for our meetings;

  • found a relevant food safety / sanitation product to “trial promote” on our website and are entering discussions to set up a pilot, and hope it will generate sales for the company and donation revenue for ACAFP;

  • had updated the website with Officers photos and the first issue of the IAFP “Affiliate View”;

  • had approached Rotary International for support of our activities and continue discussion with them;

  • had researched and try to contact food related programs in African Universities with hope to recruit members and to collaborate with them.

For ACAFP Future Projects in 2019 we intend to:

  • attract more members from various parts of the world especially from the African continent;

  • continue effort to find sponsors to support ACAFP activities (outreach);

  • increase the number of webinars;

  • offer more resources to members by providing links to other IAFP affiliates.

  • Begin a quarterly meeting of all ICAFP members

  • Encourage members to take on volunteer positions in the association in order to achieve its goals and objectives.

I commend ACAFP members for these achievements in 2018 and I encourage all members and future members to build on these achievements in year 2018 by working as a team on these plans stated above for 2019 and also generate new ideas to achieve the goals and objectives of the association. I wish all members a productive and successful New Year 2019.


Joseph Odumeru, Ph.D

ACAFP President

2018 ACAFP Annual Meeting Recap

Peter Kennedy
August 1, 2018
2018 ACAFP Group Photo.JPG

The African Continental Association for Food Protection (ACAFP) Annual Meeting was held on July 9th during the IAFP 2018 Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.


There were 24 attendees present including member and prospective members.


Peter Kennedy, ACAFP Vice-President and Dr. Charles Muyanja, Ph.D. ACAFP Treasurer presided over the meeting.


The meeting began with a welcome by Dr. Kali Kniel IAFP Vice-President. She reaffirmed the IAFP’s support for ACAFP and all affiliates working to grow their ranks with more food safety professionals across the globe.


Kali, reiterated the messages from the preceding days Affiliate counsel meeting that highlighted the value of using IAFP webinars, professional speakers, availability growing food safety web content, affiliate membership recruitment best practices, and the need for more affiliate collaboration between various affiliate counsel within the IAFP.  Kali wanted us to know that the IAFP board was listening to hear our needs and they stand ready to assist ACAFP in any way that they could.


Dr. Muyanja next gave a summary of our new website operations and all its functions.  This included the recognition that ACAFP is completely up running and operational and in good standing as a US based not-for-profit organization. ACAFP’s PayPal account is working and has three new members who have used it to join and pay their dues.  It is a very easy process.


ACAFP’s website has three (3) free webinars available for viewing, as well as media videos covering other important topics of interest to food safety professionals. We are always looking for new content for our website.


Peter Kennedy next spoke to reiterate the ACAFP’s desire to seek committed members who are ready, willing and able to “volunteer” their time and expertise for the ACAFP cause.


A prospective member from Nigeria wants to join and connect ACAFP with a number of food safety professional in Nigeria and South Africa.  She volunteered to conduct outreach for ACAFP.


Ayojesutomi Abiodun-Solanke, from Nigeria immediately connected ACAFP with a group of approximately 15 interested food safety professional based on the African continent and ACAFP in currently in dialog with them to determine how to onboard their talents into ACAFP.  We look forward to the benefits of this infusion of new talent to ACAFP and IAFP.


Additionally, ACAFP will be committed to development and expansion of our ranks through the IAFP’s model for the mentor/ mentee program.  We seek to make this a requirement for our members so we are always giving back to the countries and communities we came from to further promote food safety as we grow and become a mature affiliate.


The meeting ran overtime and was adjourned around 7:00pm


Joseph Odumeru

ACAFP President

A Message from the ACAFP President

Joseph Odumeru
August 20, 2018
Joseph Odemeru.JPG

This is a follow up to our successful annual meeting at Salt Lake City in the United States last month.


I was very impressed by the attendance and mostly by the interest many of you showed in becoming a member and in getting involved with the African Continental Association for Food Protection (ACAFP). Our affiliate has a lot to offer its members and together we’ll build the association of our dreams that the African continent will be proud of by using all the tools readily available to us from all sources.

Our mission is to be the agent of change in Africa with respect to food safety and security by promoting the production, storage, distribution, and consumption of safe food regionally and internationally.

If you have not officially joined the ACAFP and paid your membership dues, please do so by visiting our membership page. If you have any issues, please contact us through our website.


Our current activities are done on a voluntary basis as part of our professional contributions to food safety in Africa, and there are opportunities for anyone interested to get involved:

  • The Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and administrator) meets the first Friday of every month via teleconference. Moving forward we are anticipating bi-monthly or quarterly meetings open to all members when you will have the opportunity to contribute. Stay tuned!

  • The Executive Committee is planning to recruit new members to fill some vacancies. You can read more about these positions on our Job Listings page To be eligible, candidates must be members of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) and ACAFP in good standing.

  • ACAFP would also like to know your area of interest. To that end please take a moment to email us at and tell us what your three main areas of interest.

  • Consider joining the Student PDG/IAFP mentor program (as either a mentor / mentee) since this will give you more exposure as well as increase your rank in the Association.


Let’s keep communicating and please visit the website for updates and upcoming events / webinars.


If you are interested in seeing what the ACAFP is all about and want to join our great organization, click below:

Winter 2018 Affiliate View

The first issue of the IAFP Affiliate View is out! Click below to read the publication and learn about the activities of the other IAFP Affiliates!

Fall 2017 Affiliate View

You can also read the Fall 2017 Affiliate View which features an update on recent ACAFP updates including our restructuring and new website!

Meeting Summary from ACAFP Annual Meeting

Siobhan Egan
September 12, 2017

The African Continental Association for Food Protection (ACAFP) met at the IAFP Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL on July 10th, 2017. Approximately 15 members or interested potential members were in attendance as well the affiliate Vice President, Peter Kennedy, and Treasurer, Charles Muyanja (pictured below).

The meeting began with a discussion of the affiliate restructuring and reincorporation. Over the past year, members have worked hard on rebuilding the organization and making it more sustainable by incorporating the ACAFP in the US and working on making it a U.S. 501 3(c) non-profit organization. As of the time of our meeting, the paper work had been submitted to do this, and as of the writing of this summary, the ACAFP is now an official recognized non-profit organization in the United States. This puts the ACAFP in a better position to secure funding and accept member donations. We are very happy with this accomplishment!

We also discussed our webinar series. The ACAFP has been working with an individual with an extensive food safety background from Ontario, Canada on making his food safety webinar library accessible to ACAFP members. It is our goal with our new website to create a space for members to view these webinars and learn more about good food safety practices.


Other topics of conversation included:


  1. Membership dues/Sponsorships: we are working on being able to accept membership dues and donations through our website via credit card and Paypal. Hopefully this will streamline the donation process and allow the ACAFP to begin generating revenue to support our efforts. Membership dues and suggested donation amounts will be announced soon.

  2. Member commitment and participation: as was the case at our last annual meeting, we are still struggling with member commitment and participation. We are looking into ways to get members actively involved in the ACAFP.

  3. Communication: The ACAFP is still struggling with communication issues. Our officers have a standing conference call once a month, and this continuous communication has definitely helped keep us in communication, but we need to be better about communicating with members as well. Unfortunately at this time, we are not equipped to hold large conference or video call meetings with all our members and are limited to email communication.


The ACAFP holds monthly officer meetings and are currently exploring ways to get members more involved and begin generating donations.

Right: Peter Kennedy, ACAFP Vice President. Left: Charles Muyanja, ACAFP Treasurer

A copy of this summary can be found in the Fall 2017 IAFP Affiliate View. Link below.

Relaunch of the Affiliate

Peter Kennedy
May 30, 2017
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The African Association for Food Protection (AAFP) was officially launched in 2013 in the United States and headquartered in Ghana, West Africa as an affiliate of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP).  Many individuals and institutional members’ hailing from the continent of Africa’s many countries registered as members. The AAFP website and email was the principle means of communication while trying to develop a recurring revenue base to fund our affiliate operations.


However, due to shifting economies and budgetary constraints effecting travel cost, meeting times, low cost international communications, and individual work schedules, the AAFP website became dormant. 


It therefore became necessary to relaunch our website under our new name “African Continental Association for Food Protection (ACAFP)” and base our operational affiliate in the United States with the renewed mission to promote Food Protection and all its forms across the continent of Africa.  In addition, seek official recognition as a Not-for-Profit organization.


We believe being closer to the parent organization of all such affiliates, incorporating as a US based affiliate organization and attaining not-for-profit organization status will help ACAFP gain corporate support for our mission and goal to improve food protection across Africa.  We have committed our efforts under ACAFP to the development of a recurring revenue base to fund our affiliate operations and grow our ranks to fulfill our mission.

Thank you for your support and interest in the ACAFP! Stay tuned for many exciting announcements and updates.


The ACAFP is an affiliate group of the IAFP and is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We are dedicated to educating proper food safety on the continent of Africa.

Donate to the ACAFP and help us improve our communication and outreach efforts!


The ACAFP is an affiliate group of the IAFP and is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We are dedicated to educating proper food safety on the continent of Africa.

Donate to the ACAFP and help us improve our communication and outreach efforts!

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