Joseph Odumeru Ph.D

I am delighted to introduce the African Continental Association for Food Protection (ACAFP) to you. ACAFP is an affiliate of the IAFP and provides a forum for food safety professionals and students to share information, experiences on food safety related issues in the continent of Africa and share ideas on ways to improve the quality and safety of foods produced in the continent as well as imported and exported food products. Considering that a lot of issues associated with food safety can also be traced to water quality, maintaining water quality used for food processing and drinking purpose will also be a major topic for discussions in the organization.

The African Continental Association for Food Protection (ACAFP) vision is to secure safe foods for Africans and consumers of food produced on the African continent.  Our mission is “to represent industry, government and academia by bringing professionals together in a forum to promote, educate and communicate best practices and innovation in the areas of food production, food safety and quality and issues related to food trade.

To achieve its vision and mission, the goals and objectives of the ACAFP are:

1. To provide a forum for African professionals in the area of food safety and quality.

2. To assist members in their technical work and professional development.

3. To disseminate information regarding the protection of the food supply.

4. To promote sanitary methods and procedures for the development, production, processing, distribution, preparation and serving of food.

5. To promote methods and procedures for supervision and inspection of the production, processing, distribution, preparation and serving of food.

6. To promote improved methods for the examination of food samples.

7. To promote the development of sanitary equipment design and adoption of uniform equipment and quality standards to improve the sanitary handling of food.

8. To promote methods and procedures and improving the food supply.

9. To cooperate with African government and other professional groups such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO) to improve and promote food production, safety, quality and trade in Africa and abroad.

10. To support trade and harmonization of standards across the continent.

I would like to encourage food safety professionals interested in the safety and quality of foods produced in the continent of Africa to become a member of ACAFP.  I  also welcome all people who share our values and vision to contribute to the success of the organization in the achievement of its goals and objectives as outlined above.


Joseph A. Odumeru Ph.D.

President, ACAFP

President's Message


The ACAFP is an affiliate group of the IAFP and is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We are dedicated to educating proper food safety on the continent of Africa.


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